Baiju Finance

Aman and goGopalgo have had and are having the benefit of being mentored by the CEO & Managing Director (Atul Kumar)of Baiju Finance, a Micro Finance and Non – Banking Financial Services Company over the last two years. Baiju Finance has made it its goal to serve the underserved in states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand and over time takes its unique model to the underserved micro markets within large cities such Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Calcutta, Pune etc. Baiju Finance is using a hybrid model of highly localized knowledge on its customer base intertwined with technology for its delivery system but with people on the ground to execute – they call this their “peopletech” model. This model of local knowledge of people with technology has resulted in Baiju being successful in these states that other established service providers failed in or avoided.


goGopalgo has had the benefit of working closely through Aman with the team at Baiju to develop a new credit scoring mechanism for the domestic, migrant workers to have access to financial products (loans, insurance etc) at affordable interest rates. goGopalgo in partnership with Baiju Finance is delighted to announce a pilot based on the new credit scoring model where Baiju will allocate INR 20Lacs (USD25000.00) towards micro lending to the domestic, migrant workers in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. This is a key milestone for goGopalgo as well as Baiju as this pilot if successful could possibly become the new credit underwriting model for domestic, migrant workers which will not only give them access to affordable credit but ensure that they are part of the formal economy and that data is being captured on this community which will further allow this community to be financially empowered and through a series of targeted community communications and program’s get financial education. Baiju has also agreed that through its network of offices and branches in these states they will facilitate the execution of the strategy to get the children of this community access to education.
We are working on the full program for both financial education for the community as well as education for their children and these will also be piloted and we will share shortly. goGopalgo & Baiju are currently developing the technology framework that will through an IQ: EQ analytics credit framework that resides on the cloud with AI powering it, quickly start to disburse funds to this community without the complexity of credit and lending that this community does not as yet understand due to the lack of their financial knowledge. Simple, effective, targeted and caring credit that enables inclusivity. Therefore, overtime this partnership will also become a knowledge center.