IQ:EQ – ASHA is a new machine learning platform that is powered through AI but utilities intelligent and emotional data on the underserved and excluded community of domestic, migrant workers to determine an acceptable social impactful score that in turn facilitates social caring lending to take place.

Please take note that data collection is ongoing by Aman and goGopalgo. Upto 1000 data forms are in the process of being completed by domestic, migrant workers in Mumbai. This will now through goGopalgo partners and their network be extended to a larger set within this community in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh as well as the urban ghettos of the underserved in Mumbai.

Please see the data collection form that is being used at the moment and is being refined constantly to capture IQ:EQ data for the ongoing development of ASHA.

Please do download this form and assist goGopalgo and its partner Baiju Finance to collect a wider set of data from your domestic migrant workforce.

We will also be using the NGO networks in the country to get domestic, migrant workers to complete data in accordance with data protection guidelines to then further enhance ASHA.

If you have any questions in relation to this please do contact