Learners Academy was established in June 1983. Sumeet Gupta became the key trustee in 2004 and started to navigate the school with a focus to educate children and have a framework that would allow children to grasp their extraordinary potential but yet have an accountable sense of responsibility as individuals to tackle the problems that face humanity. Curiosity and competence with compassion is encouraged. Learners is a progressive co-educational institution which aims at an application-based learning experience. 

Aman and goGopalgo have had and are getting the benefit of being mentored by Sumeet and Learners Academy to develop a strategy and pathway which will focus on domestic, migrant workers children to an education. It is important to understand that most of the children from this community have very limited access to schools and even when they do so in the villages their learning is virtually non-existent. A lot of government and private schools with NGO affiliations have a policy not to hold back any child irrespective for their knowledge base and only do so after the 9th grade. This results in children from this community going from grade to grade till the 9th grade and then suddenly being held back as they are not able to get through the exams. Tailor made education which allows these children to learn and grow as opposed to just be part of a system that just moves them along is what is needed. goGopalgo with the guidance of Learners academy and some others is working within the domestic, migrant workers community overtime to develop an impactful learning-based curriculum. Learners Academy is also developing a process which will allow children from this community to study in their school with extra office hours of teaching for children from this community.