NDCHRC is a nonprofit social organization founded by Pratyush Kumar as he was concerned with the plight of gullible parents and innocent children. With a corporate background and 18 years of experience in the financial services industry where he held senior management positions in institutions such as, HSBC, Northern Trust, Deutsche Bank. Since his school days Pratyush has been involved actively in community building. In the past he has worked closely with a number of NGO’S to help and support children. He is also serving on the advisory board of Green Cross Organization  and Teach For Green

He is committed to help causes related to help children. Pratyush is also the Director of Prabisha Consulting PVT Ltd, a leading firm in the areas of Digital Marketing, Graphic Design and Technology Development. Aman & goGopalgo have had and are getting not only the benefit of partnering with Pratyush personally, getting his guidance and mentorship, but also the full support of NDCHRC as well as Prabisha Consulting. Through this partnership goGopalgo gets the benefit of leveraging the NDCHRC platform to direct sponsorships and funds towards educating children of domestic, migrant workers within the network of offices that NDCHRC has and their alliance partners have.