Prabisha Consulting

Pratyush is Director of Prabisha Consulting PVT Ltd, a leading firm in the areas of Digital Marketing, Graphic Design and Technology Development. Aman & goGopalgo have had and are getting not only the benefit of partnering with Pratyush personally, getting his guidance and mentorship, but also the full support of Prabisha Consulting. Through this partnership goGopalgo gets the benefit of leveraging Prabisha Consulting team to power goGopalgo’s digital strategy, marketing strategy, website and analytical tools to ensure that the messaging and reach of goGopalgo is impactful. Furthermore the opportunity for goGopalgo to leverage the network of offices of all its partners to benefit from the knowledge of Prabisha consulting and then create modules around this knowledge to ensure that the children of domestic, migrant workers get educated in technology is empowering and impactful.