goGopalgo & NDCHRC : Sponsoring Children’s Education

goGopalgo is a currently a Social Outreach Project that over time should become an impactful non-profit with a mission to expand financial & educational inclusivity for domestic, migrant workers and their children. To achieve this it has also partnered with NDCHRC (see partners page).
NDCHRC is a registered NGO (non-government organization), thereby a registered charity that has its own network and through its alliance partners Green Cross Organization and Teach For Green.

As yet goGopalgo is not a registered charity and therefore in partnership with NDCHRC a process has been created to raise funds towards sponsoring the education of the children of domestic, migrant workers. goGopalgo has a database of potential sponsors and through the initial framework get these funds to NDCHRC, where these funds will be held in escrow and then disbursed initially on a case-by-case basis towards the education of the children of domestic, migrant workers in the targeted states – which initially are Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh as well as the underserved urban ghettos of Mumbai, such as Dharavi. Please go to the Data Form section of the website for further information on SPONSORSHIPS.
Please also take note that tech based workshops and physical workshops are being created with modules that speak out to the parents and children of urban India where domestic migrant workers work in the homes of these parents and children – to adopt the economic and education welfare of the children of domestic migrant workers.